MetaStudio’s first Open Contest

MetaStudio DAO
1 min readOct 14, 2022


11th of november marked the end of Meta Studio’s first open contest, offering our continuously growing community 10000 $METAS for the best caption of our new cover design. Now, it’s time we told you our version and the full story that inspired us to create this artwork from scratch.

Being a content creator or social media influencer is one of the top career picks for young people today. Over 200 million people call themselves content creators in 2022, so the web2 policies affect most artists today wanting to pursue a career in the Digital Market.

There is no secret that Big Tech companies shock creators on a daily basis with more cuts in their profits, offering 0 privacy, collecting data and basically owning the creators’ every comment


Our cover design highlights the burden of creating, but being dependent on the Big Tech’s unfair rules. Dependent on the percents that they want to offer, dependent on the rules they want to impose on your community, hurt by their abuses in content moderation and personal ban.

Creators need a new platform to create one platform where they set the rules, they take decision and they share all the money in full privacy. They need MetaStudio.