MetaStudio Starts App’s MVP Testing

MetaStudio DAO
2 min readSep 10, 2023


Yes, it’s ready as we promised! We focused on building and we are ready with our MVP for MetaStudio App, for both iOS and Android.

Today we reach a significant milestone for MetaStudio, starting the public testing for our App’s MVP (minimum viable product) on both iOS and Android.

As we said before, our belief is the blockchain and cypto market needs less “marketing” and “bubbles” and more real products that we can use daily. Therefore, we spent less (to no) time on marketing our tokens and we focused on what matters: our product.

Before we list the app is GooglePlay and AppleStore, we invite all of you, content creators, community friends, and everyone interested to test our MVP and we also offer a 10000 (ten thousands) #METAS reward for all those who contribute in a meaningful way.

What you have to do before September 20, 2023, to receive the reward

  1. Fill this form:
  2. Login to the MVP trough the unique link You will receive on email using a MetaMask wallet (it can be empty, no coins or tokens needed to test);
  3. Create an account, completely fill your profile with real data and content and list at least 8 products for sale or rent, in minimum 4 collections and minimum 2 categories (to be more explicit: you need to create at least 2 categories, list at least 2 collections in each and add at least 2 pieces of content for sale and/or rent in each collection);
  4. Send an email whenever You encounter any technical error (bug) or security issues, with complete information and screenshots or video recordings of the screen. If Your reports find a real bug or security issues, that is later fixed by the MetaStudio team, the reward will be X5, 50000 METAS;
  5. I will email once I finished testing completely the app, to ask for the reward, before September 20, 2023.

Note: the Search, Chat and Streaming options are not functional in the MVP, these are not considered bugs and, of course, not required to test.