Meta Studio x Crypto Expo Milan — a gathering of web 3.0 minds

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3 min readJul 1, 2022


We’ve just come back from spending the final days of June in the hear of Italy, at Crypto Expo Milan, the most exciting blockchain and crypto event of the region. Although tiring, the entire Meta Studio team had a blast connecting with industry top minds and learning about a huge variety of blockchain projects from Italy and beyond. Here is how our visit to Crypto Expo Milan went and why we’ll attend it again.

Arrival. The Meta Studio x Crypto Expo Milan stand

We’ve spent our fair share of time around conferences around the world, especially since Meta Studio’s strategy was to gather people with a vast experience from its debut. None of us are at our first rodeo, as they say, when it comes to international events, their routine, the travel lag and the somewhat repetitive stage of presentations.

But we were sincerely blown away by the warm reception of the Crypto Expo Milan team and by the great logistics of the Meta Studio x Crypto Expo Milan stand! The chairs and facilities were so comfy that we didn’t mind spending most of our time there at all, connecting with all the people who were dropping by to learn more about our project. The fabulous Prosecco helped too!

Industry top minds and connections in the blockchain space

We connected with lots of people, both old friends of the team and new connections, at Crypto Expo Milan and we were thrilled to find so much ingenuity and great ideas under one roof.

It was our pleasure to lay the foundation for professional connections which we’re sure will last in the future as well, becoming stronger as more project ties are built between us. Especially considering our main activity field (the metaverse), since interconnectivity between projects will prove to be crucial for everyone’s success and a better UX across the board. We’re therefore happy and grateful to have connected with so many great minds in the blockchain and web 3.0 space.

Our CEO Adrian Niculescu’s talk about Meta Studio at Crypto Expo Milan

Saturday, on the 25th of June, the Meta Studio CEO Adrian Niculescu, who is already a highly recognized speaker at blockchain and crypto events around the world, delivered an engaging talk about Meta Studio’s project, the business metaverse for content creators that we’re building. His conference proceeding also touched upon larger themes, such as the opportunities that the metaverse itself opens for the crypto and blockchain world and how businesses can seize that opportunity to take their projects to the next level.

Considering the high number of people who approached us afterwards to ask for more advice regarding investing in the metaverse and for expanding their business to include web 3.0, we’d humbly say the talk delivered was a success.

What’s next for Meta Studio?

We’ll happily attend the Crypto Expo Milan in the future when the next edition of the event will take place, that’s for sure. But in the meantime, we have plenty more events to participate in, the next one being the Global DeFi Investment Summit in Dubai, where Adrian Niculescu, Meta Studio CEO is the main moderator.

As always, you can check out the next conferences and global events we’re attending on the Meta Studio website main page, in the Events we’ll be at section.

The cherry on the cake? We’ll be organizing a sister event of our own in this coming fall, between 6th and 8th of November, so we’re looking forward to welcoming you all at Crypto Expo Bucharest. The conference will be the biggest event of its kind in the CEE region, making Bucharest the ideal location to host it. We’ll keep you in touch with relevant details soon.



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