Meta Studio, the metaverse for content creators, is thrilled to announce METAS private token launch.

MetaStudio DAO
2 min readAug 15, 2022



The business metaverse we are building for you is closer and closer to becoming reality, and the first important step is launching our Utility Token: METAS. Our native token lauch will allow content creators to monetize their work, and their audience. Plus, very important, it will allow brands of all sizes to leverage the work of content creators to ignite huge campaigns.

What is the METAS Token?

METAS is a cryptocurrency token built on Polygon (MATIC) and carefully designed by a team of crypto architects to allow transactions completely safe and anonymised under SmartContract technology (same principle as blockchain and NFTs). METAS will power the metaverse we are building; it is fast, easy, and cheap, and it supports the the use of multi-coin wallets thanks to Polygon (MATIC) technology.


Meta Studio’s legal framework

METAS was audited by the top audit platform Quantstamp, to ensure the safest experience for all of our users.
Our token has been developed and operated by Meta Studio Land AG, Switzerland. Before any sale of the METAS token, we have applied and obtained a clear status as Utility Token with, removing all risk for potential buyers.

METAS Token tech infrastructure, proudly working with the best

For making METAS token launch happen, we have partnered with one of world’s top blockchain development companies in the world today, experienced with building Sandbox and other metaverses, Blochain XDev.

Where can you buy META tokens?

Meta Studio has started the invite-only free-seed for large investors with a minimum ticket of 100,000 USDT, if interested please email or contact us on any of our channels. We will soon start sale for general public, please join our whitelist to be the first to know about our public sale and get the best price (first IEO’s will be very limited).