Meta Studio Joins Forces with Crypto Jamie to Revolutionize the Creator’s Platforms

MetaStudio DAO
2 min readMar 30, 2023


Today’s content creator economy is growing faster and faster every day, and the big tech companies find more and more ways of exploiting young creators that need their platforms in order to earn. We are creating the first decentralized space for content creators, where through DAO principles all users will vote democratically on each and every aspect of the platform.

The Metaverse for Content Creators and Crypto Jamie join forces to revolutionize the Content Creator Market

For us to make everything possible, we needed a strong team of creators to help us build it specifically for their needs, and that is how we started our Meta Studio Creators Team. They will represent our advisors & partners, making sure we build the best experience for creators and, of course, the first users of Meta Studio.

We are proud to announce today that one of the most prominent content creators out there, Mr. LetsGooo himself, has joined forces with us, sharing our views on decentralization, profit sharing and privacy for the artists.

Crypto Jamie is a TikTok and Binance Live content creator, an emerging entrepreneur in the Crypto and Blockchain Space that was voted number one multiple weeks in a row by the Binance Community.

Meta Studio Team is thankful for all the creators believing in us, it is our mission to release this platform as soon as possible. Our project is made by content creators for content creators.

We are certain that we will create a game-changer in the Fastest Growing Market that will give the power back to the Artists.