Meta Studio and Polygon Studios in collaboration towards the decentralized metaverse

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3 min readAug 29, 2022

As the metaverse is taking shape as a new medium of expression being embraced more and more by both users, brands, and developers creates the perfect context for our work to be recognized.

Both Meta Studio and Polygon believe in the power of blockchain, decentralization and in the metaverse. That’s why we started collaborating to build the METAS-powered decentralized business metaverse for content creators: Meta Studio.

Meta Studio and Polygon Studios collaboration

Because of our teaming up with Polygon Studios, MetaStudio can now ensure that the METAS token and the metaverse for creators that we are building will be able to boast the highest standards of uptime, reliability and security, while still keeping a low cost for all our users. Not only will we benefit from the valuable guidance and expertise of Polygon engineers in order to make sure that our METAS token is airtight secure and with peak functionalities but together we will develop a long-term sustainable metaverse.

Polygon aids the transformation of Ethereum as the “Internet of Blockchains”. In addition, the users enjoy the benefits of Ethereum’s openness, security, and vibrant ecosystem. We chose this platform because we also believe in Ethereum as the best-tested medium to build a complex metaverse on, alongside with the speed provided. Polygon has executed over 3.4 billion transactions since its establishment, and we are confident in their ability to launch our high-quality product. The main OpenSea projects, from Prada, Adidas, DraftKings and Decentral Games, to Ubisoft, are all supported by Polygon. We are thrilled to have the Polygon Studios team supporting us and providing a suite of services such as developer support, strategy, go-to-market, and technical integrations.

Meta Studio is a Switzerland-based company building the metaverse who will boast decades of pooled experience within the digital creation niche and big-name partners such as Polygon, Blockchain XDev, and Bem Builders, the team of creatives that helped The Sandbox come alive. Aiming to provide creators with a gamified, immersive space where they can buy, sell, advertise and build their content, MetaStudio is building a framework for a decentralized community that will allow creators full ownership and more freedom than current web 2.0 and big tech platforms allow. A unique opportunity for content creators and investors alike, Meta Studio is currently in the pre-seed stage, allowing institutional partners a chance to come onboard from the start and strengthen their own positions in the future of the digital creation business.

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Polygon is the top blockchain development platform, providing Web3 blockchains that are scalable, inexpensive, safe, and long-lasting. Its expanding product suite provides developers with easy access to significant scaling solutions such as L2 (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, hybrid, stand-alone, and enterprise chains, as well as data availability. Polygon’s scaling solutions have been widely adopted, with 37,000+ decentralized applications hosted, 1.94 billion total transactions completed, 164 million unique user addresses, and $5 billion in assets safeguarded. The network is home to some of the most important Web3 projects, including Aave, Uniswap, and OpenSea, as well as well-known corporations such as Meta, Stripe, and Adobe. Polygon is carbon-neutral, with the objective of moving the Web3 ecosystem to carbon-negative status.

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