Content Creators — The Fastest Growing Digital Vertical?

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2 min readJan 24, 2023
Content Creators — The Fastest Growing Digital Vertical?

The young workers today want to become business owners, just not in the way you would imagine. According to new data from Adobe Inc., the younger generation of workers are most motivated to convert social media posts into sustainable income. According to the organization’s most recent poll of more than 9,000 influencers and creators across nine countries, around 45% of Gen Z producers said they hope to own a company and profit from online content shared.

According to Maria Yap, vice president of digital imaging applications at Adobe, millennials are experimenting with having a side business in addition to a day job, and Gen Z are experimenting with turning a passion into a career. However, there is still a tremendous amount of untapped potential in the Metaverse. Yes, you heard us well, and no, we are definitely not talking about Zuck’s Metaverse.

More than 165 million creators joined the global creator economy in the last two years with significant growth in the U.S. (+34 million new creators), Spain (+10 million), South Korea (+11 million) and Brazil (+73 million).

We’ve often been asked ,,From these many metaverses being built, how is yours the one who is going to make it? and we are excited to tell you MetaStudio is the problem-fixer of 2023:

MetaStudio responds to a huge demand in the market

Since 165 M+ creators joined this vertical, making content creation a real and viable option as a career not only for influencers, but also for creatives who work behind the scenes. We live in the age when being a creator is becoming a well-paid job and, sadly, why Big Tech platforms are already taking advantage of young creators’ big incomes.

Meta Studio, as a project, started with the question “How can we bring the content market into web3, giving the creators the right to take full advantage of their work”, and this has become our main focus. Our project is different because, from all the projects building just for the sake of it, ours has come into existence after we felt a real demand in the market for it.

Creators NEED a change, and the metaverse is the perfect context for it to happen. Jumping on Meta Studio is going to solve your most important problems through decentralization, profit sharing and privacy.