Centurion Invest Partners with MetaStudio & takes a leap into Web3 and a $100 Billion content creator economy

MetaStudio DAO
3 min readDec 4, 2022


Centurion Invest, a payment infrastructure and facilitator company with its own native token, announced its partnership with MetaStudio, a global DAO metaverse helping content creators maximise their skill by rewarding them with ownership and incentives. The sole purpose of the partnership is to further strengthen the development of an ecosystem that changes how games are being played and rewarded.

Centurion Invest aims at building the future through new technologies and strategies to reach the freedom of money globally otherwise called “Mass adoption”. The mission of Meta Studio, on the other hand, is to create a game-changing platform where content creators are given the opportunity to create, own and sell their content in a decentralized and fun environment.

The coming together of these two global companies in a strategic partnership is a great development for content creators in the metaverse.

Centurion Invest work for the incredible success of their users by seamlessly merging two key components — economic and information technology. MetaStudio teams up with Centurion Invest in order to bring the native token of the latter to their platform. By implication, the Centurion Invest Token ($CIX) now have utility in the metaverse and content creation.

With a market cap of $31,680 M, the ERC-20 Centurion Invest Token (CIX) was issued by CIX protocol labs. The token total supply is 2,400,000,000 and was distributed using the IEO Issuing Mode mechanisms.

From the mission of the two companies, they believe in the power of decentralization and blockchain and partnering will result in a long-term metaverse platform that will be a great tool for creators and users. All you need to do is opt-in as a content creator, coach, streamer, or any kind of freelancer and sell your content in full privacy, retail ownership, and above all, receive the CIX token in reward for your content, along with MetaStudio’s native token METAS.

While the metaverse platform of MetaStudio is in the development mode, Centurion Invest is involved as an early investor in the project’s pre-seed token sale round.

Meta Studio, being the first business-decentralized metaverse for the digital content industry, is in the process of helping thousands of content creators achieve their desires while doing what they love. Centurion Invest is confident in MetaStudio’s ability to deliver a high-quality and outstanding tool and platform as they always have been doing.

According to Meta Studio CEO, Adrian Niculescu, “We will ensure that our community of users can make the most of their content work with higher earnings, complete decentralized autonomy, flexibility, and fun”. We have no doubt that this collaboration will allow the creators market to monetize their content and be a win-win for the partners.

Our choice of partnership with Meta Studio is because of the trust we have in them being the first and one-of-a-kind platform to establish a platform aimed at helping creators” states Centurion Invest Vice-President, Mohamed Chouka.

In contrast to current web 2.0 and major tech platforms, Centurion Invest and MetaStudio are developing a framework for a decentralised community that will give creators complete ownership and more independence. This new platform will address all of the major problems in the Creators Market as the metaverse emerges as a fresh form of expression that is being embraced by users, businesses, and independent contractors.

MetaStudio is open to other partnership with companies who believe and want to build in web3 and DAO, contact us at welcome@metastudio.land if you feel synergy with us.