Bringing real utility in the NFT Market. MetaStudio + NFTuLoan

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3 min readOct 11, 2022


The industry for Metaverse Touching on Different Markets

This partnership engages the web3 market by opening new doors for the possibility of different markets using these utility features to the benefit of both consumers and businesses. The web3 market is ever expanding in its versatility. Retail and real estate seem to be the leading players in integrating the metaverse into their approach in entering a new untapped market. With the metaverse as a new sales channel, businesses will be able to adopt web3 technology such as NFTuloan to feature inside their business model. Including the utility for NFTuloan, real estate loans inside the metaverse become a real possibility. If a business or individual wants to rent a space inside the metaverse, NFTuloan will provide a loaning system for borrowing this space to rent. Retail businesses will also integrate loaning systems for NFTuloan to jumpstart ecommerce businesses inside the metaverse.

Most people agree NFTs are a huge part of the WEB3 future, but they also agree real utility must exist for the NFT market to recover and work properly. This is why we decided to partner up with a like-minded WEB3 company who shares our ambition of empowering the NFT community.

Bringing real utility in the NFT Market. MetaStudio X NFTuLoan

MetaStudio is enthused to announce the launch of a long-term partnership with NFTuLoan, focused on bringing real utility in the NFT market. First step of our teaming up will be the soon-to-come launch of our first MetaStudio NFT collection, ,,Early Supporters”.

Besides real utility in our future metaverse platform and the opportunity to increase value, what makes this series unique is that the sale value of each NFT will be guaranteed, and owners will be able to use the NFT as collateral to borrow liquidity at any moment. If you own a MetaStudio NFT, from the ,,Early Supporters” collection and you need liquidity, you can just go on NFTuLoan and borrow liquidity by using the NFT as a guarantee. MetaStudio will …. the minimal value of the guarantee is the acquisition cost of the NFT.

We don’t plan to be a NFT exchange, NFT is a MEANS to a larger purpose for us. MetaStudio is a WEB3 platform for content creators, owned and managed by content creators. A full DAO.”

— Adrian Niculescu, CEO

NFTuloan is the DeFi protocol developed on Ethereum that offers lending through Non-Fungible Tokens. This liquidity pool provider is giving instant cash for loaning your NFTs, being the first open protocol for NFTs in retail and B2B. The unique Peer2Pool feature combined with Peer2Peer caters to lenders and borrowers for both individuals and businesses, incorporating also supplied tokens to a communal asset pool, for borrowers to liquefy tokens.

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MetaStudio is the answer to all the main issues in the Creators Market today. Our motivated team is creating this decentralized platform as a response to the unfair rules, abuse by Big Tech, huge commissions paid to WEB2 platforms and lack of privacy that affect creators’ businesses on a daily basis. Working for years with or for creators, we have a deep level of understanding their real needs and issues, and luckily we have the answer: a true DAO community for content creators.

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