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September 21, 2022 on the Matic / Polygon News Channel

Our Founder and Strategist was recently invited for an AMA with the MaticNews community. In case you missed it, here’s the recap!

GP {BETO}: So guys today we have a very new project with us, that we introduced yesterday night with the first article. Rare to find a project with a close concept with Metastudio!

MaticNews: AMA WILL START NOW ! In the first part the guest will reply to my questions that you all can read and follow here, then after the AMA is finished, he’ll reply to your questions.

GP {BETO}: What is the most ambitious goal that MetaStudio has?

Mugur MetaStudio: It might sound too ambitious, but we plan to become the main WEB3 platform for content creators, replacing today’s WEB2 (Youtube, Patreon, Twitch and similar platforms).

GP {BETO}: Interesting introduction. Especially because could be something really missed in the web3. Why is MetaStudio special?

Mugur MetaStudio: MetaStudio is special, because it’s meant to solve the main 3 issues content creators have today and provide them with a comprehensive solution for most of their needs (and the needs of their fans and customers, of course): decision making, profit sharing and privacy / UX issues.

GP {BETO}: This is something that once get initial adoption could really go in trend. Can you tell us a little bit about the team behind Metastudio?

Mugur MetaStudio: Of course.

First, @adrianniculescu is our CEO and the one in the team with most blockchain experience, being a well known speaker for crypto events in the last 5 years and a non-executive board member and advisor for several blockchain startups (exchanges, fintech, community and so on).

Second, @CorinaMandru is our COO, she’s organizing us to be the most efficient team 💪 as she has experience in team and office management, but also in working with creators and building platforms for them.

@Roxana_MetaStudio is our CMO, she is a Tik-Tok creator herself and has worked in social media marketing for years, mostly with and for influencers.

Robert Vanderty is not on the channel tonight, however he is our expert in working with creators as she has been managing one of the world’s best agencies for over 10 years.

We do not have a CTO because the whole blockchain development part is being done by Blockchain XDev, the same company who did and still does The Sandox.

And last, I am the founder of the project and the one in charge with Strategy, as well as the first investor in the project. I have 28 years of entrepreneurship, several startups founded and some sold for high numbers (mostly ecommerce). I am focused on marketing and finance, but I also have over 12 years of working with influencers / content creators.

GP {BETO}: Wow guys!!! Big congrats to build such a talented and skilled team for a startup, something very rare to see, especially in this early stage.

Mugur MetaStudio: Thanks

GP {BETO}: Very positive sign about the future. Can you tell us about the $METAS token utility and how it’s built into the ecosystem?

Mugur MetaStudio: $METAS is a classic, pure utility token which everyone will use to buy and sell (or rent) creations of any kind inside MetaStudio. Built in Polygon technology and in collaboration with Polygon Studios, $METAS will make all transactions inside the platform safe, fast and cheap. Also, it was audited by Quantstamp and we have the official approval to sell it as a utility token. Therefore, no risk for anyone to later have issues with securities. Also, we will bridge it for BSC and other ETH-based 2nd layers.

GP {BETO}: Thanks for this such precise and extensive informations about it, looking forward to test the platform ASAP and bring a review here! What are the ways for MetaStudio to generate revenue for the team and for the backers of the project? Do you sell to US customers?

Mugur MetaStudio: Our team has token allocation of course, but with the longest vesting period so … we either make everyone else rich or we don’t win anything for ourselves 👍 If you estimate market and average token retention in the cycle buy-see, the normal price for a token when the platform is fully operational should be between 1$ and 100$. For now, the pree-seed private sale price is 0,01 so … And yes, as we are a Swiss company and our token was officially recognised by our government as utility, we can sell it to US customers in full legal compliance.

GP {BETO}: Very good confirmations to hear. These will be key points for a long term development/marketing investments

Mugur MetaStudio: Yes, very few token issuers do bother with legal compliance …

GP {BETO}: Indeed, then they have issues. What is your vision on DAO structure and decentralized organization?

Mugur MetaStudio: DAO is in fact the most important point of the project, because THIS is what content creators WANT. I know it’s a lot of noise around “DAO”, but we plan to make it simple and easy to understand and to use. We need to decide about new features? Rules of conduct or allowed content? Exclude someone for breaking these rules? Or financials and costs to be engaged deducted from sales? All token holders can vote and take this decision together: creators, users, investors, our team.

GP {BETO}: I 100% agree with this point. Personally I saw YouTube and many other social medias full of rules against free speech. Just decided by few people. This is not something good, as creators are the health of the platform

Mugur MetaStudio: Don’t start me on FB/Insta or Youtube topics 🙂 It’s terrible how creators are treated …Even on Twitch there are huge issues and complaints …

GP {BETO}: Indeed. I hope web3 can move further and bring health points on this side.What is your reason or purpose for building MetaStudio? How did you get the idea?

Mugur MetaStudio: We know there is a HUGE need for such a platform in the market. After years of working with influencers / creators we feel the chance to build tomorrow’s main platform for them. And we love the idea to build this for the long run!

GP {BETO}: What message would you like to send to your backers, investors and users?

Mugur MetaStudio: None of us in this team ever launched other tokens, we are not into launching and disappearing. It’s our first crypto project but we approach it with the same seriousness we did all other projects in our lives. Me and @adrianniculescu have over 20 years of business vouching for us. This is an amazing project built not just “to do something new”, it responds to a real demand in the market. We will make it awesome, but we do need your support for this. Help us and we will reward you with a great opportunity to make $$$.

GP {BETO}: That’s very good to hear and also it’s very good to see a new team doxxed. Very positive sign. Excited to see the platform live :) this I’m sure will attract a very good amount of users. Please tell us about the tokenomics of Metastudio Token!

Mugur MetaStudio: I am not an expert so we worked with 6 or 7 advisors on tokenomics to make them really balanced for everyone and for the platform to be successful:

30% are going to investors in several stages, 20% goes to future developments (post MVP), 10% for stacking so we don’t have a price decrease till MVP, 10% incentives to build the community and bring creators to the platform, 10% for the team, 5% for advisors and 15% reserves. All details are on and in our WP.

GP {BETO}: This sounds as pretty good tokenomics, congrats on the partners choice. They suggested right on tokenomics side. :)

Tokenomics looks solid. Please tell us about the roadmap of MetaStudio?

Mugur MetaStudio: By now we have already finished the detailed blockchain development whitepaper, the $METAS token and the smart-contract, including audits are ready too. We are at 50% on the backend blockchain interactions for the MVP and we need to start working on the frontend. Till now all funds were invested by me, now we need to raise pre-seed funds to finish the MVP. If we have no delays with investors (we are aware it is a bear market and some of them are very cautious), we should have the MVP released for early adopters around the middle of 2023 (less than 1 year). We want to finish pre-seed before the end of 2022 and start the IDO’s and then list on one of top 5 exchanges in the first quarter of 2023. Of course, we have a marketing plan ready for the public sale and for attracting creators. Creators also have a unique chance to buy a limited amount of $METAS at the same price with high-level investors and be the first to use MVP, because we build it for them.

GP {BETO}: Looking forward to see the first sale! Really promising project and I can see from your answers a serious commitment. Obviously we are in bear market, but good projects will always emerge. How do you see the current market? Is this a good time for raising capital or is it difficult?

Mugur MetaStudio: Yes we are and of course is not the best time to raise capital, but I think this was necessary to clean the market and we will all emerge stronger from it. I was at the Binance Blockchain Week this month in Paris and we have several funds and VC managers who all mentioned they have funds and look for crypto projects that answer a real need on the market, help grow the blockchain ecosystem and can be released in 1 to 2 years. MetaStudio checks all the boxes so I am sure we will get all the funding we need, maybe not as easy as it would have been in 2021 but still. On the other hand, we now have more available developers and lower costs to develop, we have less marketing noise so we can communicate easier and so on.

GP {BETO}: Excellent confirmation to hear and very good to see that you have multiples collections also in the in real life world. Something very important Before I open chat to users questions, would you like to add something more?

Mugur MetaStudio: No, I am really excited to answer questions. Usually is someone else from the team in AMA’s 😀

GP {BETO}: Very curious of the questions, let’s see 👀


Mugur MetaStudio: 3, 2, 1 😎

How will land sales be made in MetaStudio and can we rent the purchased land to other users? In how many different ways can income be generated from the land? You said everything will be NFT based. Does this mean that every item can gain value like NFT?

Mugur MetaStudio: We do not plan to sell land and yes, items will gain value like NFT.

You mention that you intend to empower creators and that’s why you built MetaStudio, so what are the benefits does MetaStudio offers to its creators aside collection and creation? How can I become a creator on your platform?

Mugur MetaStudio: The benefits are your right to decide as a community, avoid big tech abuse of power, the right to collect all profits and the privacy (wallet signup ready to sell in one minute).

Q1. How can MetaStudio help me to become a business owner? What kind of business can i operate on your platform and what tools are needed?

Q2. Also how do you handle threats of new entrants in the industry?

Mugur MetaStudio: a) creators do need help so you can operate any business for them, you can be an advisor, marketing agent, affiliate and so on / b) I believe we need to focus on what we do and do it right, better than anyone else — of course keeping open eyes for newcomers and their approach

SI {CEE}: Would metastudio incorporate NFTs, both native and 3rd party and will the METAS token give utility these NFTs

Mugur MetaStudio: Excellent question, we are still considering the 3rd party as again, we don’t want to be a marketplace, MVP will surely be native and token utility for it

Can you explain the Blue Ocean Strategy that MetaStudio plan to adopt? How does it work?

Mugur MetaStudio: Blue Ocean means we find our own sea (decentralised business creators metaverse) and push to be the first navigating successfully through it

Where can we find LinkedIn profile of founders? Many ones around?

Mugur MetaStudio: All founders linkedin profiles are available on

Can you explain how artists can establish a direct relationship with their fans without any platform risks? And why should I prefer to trade in your MarketPlace rather than in others that have cross-chain mechanisms?

Mugur MetaStudio: I am not sure I understood the question correctly. It is a decentralised platform so it’s yours if you use it as much as it’s mine, that would be the best reason.

Do you have any partner, private VC or investor backing currently?

Mugur MetaStudio: We just opened the pre-seed we have 2 institutional investors under negotiations

How do you plan to turn it around to be different from the other projects and be able to create the general objective

Mugur MetaStudio: I cannot answer for others, but we approached this like a professional business and not “let’s sell some tokens and we’ll see”. There is 1 and a half year of work already in this project to research, define, clarify, refine and so on.

Hey, Do you still think metaverse has a future as we see the hype for it went down drastically. Also minecraft and other business not wanting to join the metaverse.

Mugur MetaStudio: This is a great question. I believe the metaverse in the immersive, VR/AR form, will only work on mass market in 5 or more years! However, metaverse is not necessary immersive. Our MVP will be WEB3 but with a 2D frontend, allowing people to use the platform and make money and learn DAO while we develop the future VR or whatever it will be.

How do you make MetaStudio a platform more convenient and efficient for NFT trading? How do you allow the full potential of NFTs to be unleashed?

Mugur MetaStudio: We don’t plan to be a NFT exchange, NFT is a MEANS to a larger purpose for us.

Jack Polygon: I like the project, however I didn’t found when is the seed sale

Mugur MetaStudio: The seed sale will be after pre pre-seed, please whitelist on our site and be the first to know. Timewise, it can be Q4 of 2022 or Q1 of 2023, depending on how fast we close pre-seed. Or you can contact us and maybe qualify for pre-seed.

We know that the NFT market fell down by 85% during this Bear market, do you think NFT are still worth developing? Im curious

Mugur MetaStudio: Let’s be real, people were “designing” 10000 moneys or cats or whatever. What is the real value in this? I am sure Michelangelo’s NFT will survive ok the bear. And the ones with a real utility like Adidas (selling very well while we speak).

Can you tell us about what kind of tools Meta Studio offers for content creators? How can I start monetizing within the Studio? Should part of the revenue be shared with the network?

Mugur MetaStudio: Excellent question on finance. So, 1005 of what you sell is yours, minus the % which are costs of the platform. The good side, you can see transparent all costs and vote for them as a DAO!

1. How or what tools can MetaStudio assess all the important macro-environmental factors that can directly affect the project and its stakeholders?

2. Can you tell more about the importance of the RBV (The resource base view) model for the project? How does it work?

Mugur MetaStudio: Truth is I am not familiar with RBV (The resource base view) model, so I can’t give you an answer on this now, But I always want to learn more, so I will research it and reply, can you DM me?

Can content creators earn $METAS via the content they create on your platform and can viewers of such content also gift content creators $metas

Mugur MetaStudio: Exactly

Will there be a native Dex where we can buy and sell $METAS

Mugur MetaStudio: This will be stage 3 after IDO, if you guys use some IDO platforms please let us know as we are researching for the most used in ETH and Polygon community

As the very first decentralised business for digital content industry how do you see it’s future?

Mugur MetaStudio: creators markets will continue to grow, like freelancing in general, we won’t go back to having 90% of employment in agriculture and industry (unless a nuclear shit, probably)

Why you don’t wait the bull market before launch the presale, community is still small but it looks great the website idea

Mugur MetaStudio: We are considering this option, but I am confident the market will grow till the end of the year (and I have some arguments for it)

I’m interested in this project, but What are you next upcoming plans and what are you proud of in MetaStudos? are you confident so far? Do you have any special plans to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience?

Mugur MetaStudio: Yes, we are now starting the work on the community, for me building the foundation first is important and then paint the house 🙂 The community will decide in the end so yes, they can improve on anything.

For the pre seed private round, is there any maximum value of $METAS per wallet? Which currency will be used for the pre seed private round?

Mugur MetaStudio: No maximum set yet, probably USDT or BUSD or any other stablecoin (also FIAT for some institutional investors who choose banks for some reasons)

Sorry, you was in Paris binance week, how many chain at launch?

Mugur MetaStudio: the event was awesome and I do love what Binance is building now. there were no launches.

Why your discord requires 10 minutes before speak mmmmh

Mugur MetaStudio: I have no idea, but @Roxana_MetaStudio will look into it and fix it 🙂

LordSeed: Any whitelist for the presale?

Mugur MetaStudio: Yes of course it’s on our website

Mugur MetaStudio: I hope I did not missed any question, this was a bit overwhealming

And yes, please ask any other questions and come with any suggestions on our Discord, we are open to answer and collect feedback. More minds are always smarter than few 🙂

Great ama. Thanks Melos team for this wonderful session 🎉🎉